Bozeman Watch Company

America’s participation and dominance on the world stage began with the invention of the American System of Manufacturing.  From about 1850 to 1950 American manufacturers became the largest suppliers of fine mechanical watches to the world.  1970 brought the introduction of the quartz movement as the newest technology, and the mechanical watch industry was nearly put out of commission in both Europe and America.  In 1980 Bulova, the last of the American watch manufacturing titans, closed its doors.  This giant once employed over 7000 people, and though the brand still exists along with other notable American companies like Hamilton, those which remain are now owned by large conglomerates.  Only the names carry on, not the livlihood once offered tens of thousands of families in America.  These events left the United States with no part in the world market of timepiece manufacturing.  We of the Bozeman Watch Company endeavor to reintroduce American watch making, and we give thanks to our friends and clients who have provided so much support and guidance throughout the start of our journey.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the world with a new perspective and style that has been long lost with trendy and mass produced brands.

We are an original watch manufacturer based in Bozeman, Montana USA.  As an American watch company, Bozeman Watch company continues to honor work with our friends and associates in Detroit, Michigan, Bozeman Montana and Europe from the ideation of each Bozeman Watch to the final touches placed onto each timepiece.  As a Montana watch Company and honoring the state of our organization , the Montana watch collection which includes such models as the Schofield, the Huntsman and the Yellowstone truly exhibits the company’s reverence for Bozeman Montana and its rich cultural history.  Our Bozeman Watch Company original timepieces are sold exclusively through our company showroom in Bozeman, Montana and our dealer showrooms in Whitefish Montana and Birmingham Michigan.    The Bozeman retail store dealer locations showcase all mechanical watch models and information on our upcoming Montana watch collection.   These hand made watches are as rugged and refined as they are rare.  Each piece is developed first as a pencil illustration, then as the concept advances, engineering of the parts and watch data furthers the concept and soon follows the final 3 dimensional product images, ready for part prototyping and tooling in preparation of final manufacturing and assembly.  The exquisite mechanical movements in each model are built to specification during the design process which are made and assembled over a period of 18 to 25 months depending on complexity and modification.  These specialty movements are built by some of finest movement makers in the world.

All models, which are limited from 10 to 150 individually, numbered pieces, are certified Chronometers by the Geneva, Switzerland based COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres).  Each movement that is built for Bozeman Watches undergoes 15 days of rigorous accuracy testing and regulation to guaranteed to be in the top 3% accuracy and the highest standards in the watch manufacturing industry today. The end result is timepieces with tried and tested mechanical watch expertise combined with the innovative spirit of American Watch making.  Bozeman Watch Company reviews each watch part during the hundreds of hours of development, tooling and assembly to ensure the timepiece’s mechanical and visual compliance with Bozeman Watch Company’s standards.

All models have additional information available which can be sent from retail showrooms.

It would be our privilege to assist with your questions an an honor to provide you with one of our limited edition timepieces.